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Originally Posted by Anaconda View Post
Casillas is still a better shot stopper. I don't understand why you wouldn't play him; He's a Madrid legend, pretty much irreplaceable.
You answered your own question: he's irreplaceable. He knows that, and has used that to his advantage, which is why he's in Mou's doghouse. He's been leaking things to the media since day one which isn't good (it's never good to circumvent your boss) and he's put up a massive stink about not playing. Is he one of the best in the world? Absolutely. But he got injured, and the player brought to replace his presence in net has been playing out of his mind from the first day at training. He wants to be able to use his leverage with the fans, the media and the club hierarchy to walk straight back into the XI without having to work for it. It doesn't matter if you're Messi or playing for a pub team - if there's a guy who's in better form than you in your spot and you aren't fighting to regain your spot, you're not going to play.
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