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Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post
Thanks jack. I think you're onto something here. I'm probably not as good as I thought, and require a more forgiving and easy swinging racket.
Sorry about replying from the middle of the thread. There's a point on the handle that adding lead there will make the racquet swing more efficiently, giving you a surprising amount of extra power. Just wrap the grip under your overgrip with a layer of 1/2" lead tape at 7" up from the butt. If you use too much, you will start hitting a righty forhand too far to the left.

I'm thinking you should try the lead at 7" before re-stringing with multi. After trying it out, you may find that you can play with poly or you could try switching to multi next. If you do each step seperately, you will be able to tell how much power is added for each.

I hope this is still relevant by the end of this thread.
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