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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
our pick up games are getting lamer as time goes. People stop trying so early.
I hear you on that. I hate when you play someone in a practice match or pick up match and as soon as they're down they give up and use a cop out of an excuse like it doesn't matter because it's just practice, it's not the finals of wimbledon. I think back to the movie Rudy when Vince Vaughn gets sacked and complains that it's the last day of practice and Rudy thinks it's the superbowl and Coach Parseghian tells him "You just summed up your entire sorry career here in one sentence!"

That's why these guys were never that great of players earlier in life. You can't just turn it on when you decide it matters and expect to become a good player. True competitors give it their all no matter the stakes. Whether it's $100 at stake, or $5, or even just pride, you play because you want to win and you hate to lose. Sport is by definition meaningless. It is competition for the sake of competition and nothing else. The best players don't have an off switch on their competitiveness. If you just want exercise go run laps. If you just want to hit the ball then rally with a partner or hit with a ball machine. But if we're keeping score, you better respect your opponent by putting up a fight.
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