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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Nobody can ever bounce a serve 7' high at the backboard. Not Isner, not Dr.Ivo, not Battisone, not any of us.
Hot weather, abrasive court, TALL guy, maybe 4-5' up the backboard.
Now you can hit a rock or something on a court and do it, but that's not really a consistent bounce, is it?
Nice motion, you're getting old, lost some pop and some lift.
You so sure about that Lee?

I was at Indian Wells watching a match against the back fence (seating) right above the middle line judge. Balls hit by Karlovic were almost getting us.

I can't say with certainty but I'd reckon that some would be hitting 7' up on a regular court fence.

I've done it before, but I think it hit a pebble in the service box.
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