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Originally Posted by jimbo333 View Post
The book looks like it's going to be superb, with an open honest account of his life. Exactly what I and many people here were hoping for, as had been discussed here.

I'm amazed at some comments here though in the last few days. Everyone here wanted an open honest account of his life in the book, unlike lots of these boring autobiographies that have most of the controversial comments edited out. But now that some people don't like some of what's been said in the book, they seem to want more editing!

It seems Jimmy can't win here and please everyone, but then he was never one for pleasing everyone. He was always the outsider.
You have a good point, except for the ONE thing we're talking about. He shouldn't have told about the abortion. Its too secret. You know if your friends, relatives, coworkers, etc have been divorced and maybe how many times. We know about celebrities. BUT, I bet you don't know how many abortions they all had. Why? Because it's secret. We know what players have been divorced. We know about some of their ex girl/boyfriends. But they don't bring up their abortion stats.
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