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Originally Posted by Nellie View Post
I see lot of people who set up wrong on one side and, consequently, really struggle on that side.
Yes this makes sense: you're aiming at two areas in different general directions (with a slight overlap), so using the same stance/position on ad and deuce sides would be wrong. I'll have a look at that also.

=== few seconds later ===

When I think about it, I'm able to turn my body and serve almost 180 degrees from where I'm facing when I begin my motion. It's when I need to aim <75 degrees, i.e., less twist to my left and more straight on, that I have trouble: I end up curving still to the left. So I'm not sure opening my stance would make the right difference. In theory it would make me curve the ball to the left even further (assuming everything else stays the same).

Hmmm, I guess experimentation is the key.
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