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Originally Posted by 8F93W5 View Post
You have a good point, except for the ONE thing we're talking about. He shouldn't have told about the abortion. Its too secret. You know if your friends, relatives, coworkers, etc have been divorced and maybe how many times. We know about celebrities. BUT, I bet you don't know how many abortions they all had. Why? Because it's secret. We know what players have been divorced. We know about some of their ex girl/boyfriends. But they don't bring up their abortion stats.
Jimmy Connors is a worldwide sporting superstar, and my tennis and sporting hero. As a fan I would like to know everything about his life, and the things that influenced him as a person throughout his sporting life. I want to know everything, as much as possible, that he is willing to tell. I want him to be open and honest. For me it is interesting to know what happened in his life, the more detail the better. He has been in the public eye for my whole life, and has inspired many people including me. Incidently I have no interest in the lives of private individuals at all.

I'm going to read the book, and will be able to have an opinion on the book then. I don't think it's fair to have an opinion from a few articles, it is best to read the whole book in my opinion, even though it does look like it will be great if Jimmy is actually being open and honest about his whole life, i won't actually know until I've read the book. It might still be rubbish, the fact is I don't know yet.

In fact I will give a review here, as soon as I've read it!

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