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Yeah length is not really where snugness comes in although my right foot (the 11) is very close to the front edge - not really bumping - but very close. If I didn't know better I'd say my feet are shrinking. I'm struggling to find a replacement for my 2K10's and trying to find clay court shoes all at same time. TW was good enough to send me the new Vapor and Ballistec Clays shoes (I feel so bad for them as I always end up sending stuff back) and both fit better (but not quite right) in a 10.5 - I have a very high instep and am just not happy the way both pairs lace up at the top. I've become so picky and am so screwed finding shoes to fit! That's why I tried the Cages in 10 in the first place. Like a science fair project! And one final thing, when you go small like this sure can't wear thick socks. Gotta go on thin side there.
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