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Originally Posted by Pbarrow View Post
Head Extreme Pro 2.0 16x19
16g gut mains at 55#, 17g Co-Focus at 50# on Stringway drop weight

This is the third set of similar string jobs that play GREAT for 10-12 hours and then feels like a rapid drop off into the awful trampoline loss of control. I read somewhere else on these threads that this can happen while the poly is dying and then after its dead its playable again. But I haven't had the patience to try to play through this period. I am going to restring one tonight and maybe leave the other to experiment; either by recycling the gut or measuring how long it takes on a ball machine to get out that phase. Ideas?
That's so weird! When I used to experience poly death, it happened somewhere around hours 20-25 and it wasn't a trampoline effect so much as it just felt terrible. But when I started stringing for myself (ie no prestretch) the sensation vanished.

You are a bit high in your tensions, and I don't know whether or not you have contemporary strokes (ie topspin) or classic (ie flat) ones, so I'm not sure whether there are simple adjustments that could be made to avoid this.

Do you have racquettune or a tension meter in order to determine whether or not you're truly experiencing rapid tension loss? I think getting that kind of objective data might be a helpful first step right now.

In any event, I do think that you should be getting 2-4x the time you're currently getting. That's been my experience anyway.
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