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String, gauge, & color received
Pro version, 17, RED

Tension used for playtest
53 one piece slow pulls, 10 second wait between pulls. Slow careful stringing on electronic constant pull.

Regular string set up
Lux ALU Power 52, Gosen 17 white 55

Racquet brand and model used for test
Volkl C10 Pro Stiffness: 63 But this stick is very flexy at the tip.

Power of test string
Power for this string is best described as unpredictable. On center closed face is perfect. Nice pocketing with linear power under control. Hit off center it is a little erratic, also with a bit of an open face, and watch that sucker fly.

Nothing special. Nothing particularly negative. Kind of like you would imagine a very elastic poly (should such a thing exist) would feel. A bit muted but I think because of the thin gauge not totally disconnected.

As a full bed in my open string pattern racquet the spin was very serviceable. In fact slice was as biting and rewarding on the backhand side as any ‘spin’ friendly string I have tried. IF you strike well. I really liked this string for its powerful spin. Not a bit worse off than my regular set up for this racquet.

Excellent and lasting comfort. No elbow twinges, no pain after hard play. Poly even in a hybrid is very different. Even a stiff syn gut like gosen white can hammer my 47 year old abused elbow.

This is where I am very disappointed. It lasted one training session, two doubles matches, and blew up four across mains after an hour of training today. I was really hoping for this to be an option for my poor elbow. I play poly mostly because I shred multi and syn gut in a match or two max. But I do enjoy them for their feel and playability. I am just not going to pay for natty gut because I can’t get more than two or three matches from it. I play almost exclusively on clay in the southeast.

Playability Duration (share thoughts on if/how the playability changed over time)
One area where this string shines. It changed a bit for the better once I broke it in. Possibly about 30 minutes of heavy hitting. From that point on it played its madding rewarding manner with clean strokes and strange carnival ride of mishits without any change as it aged. This provided a sense of comfort and discipline that I just don’t get as poly ages and changes its characteristics over time. Poly has a penchant for slowly creating different more muted responses as it looses elasticity. The playtest string held on to its unique characteristics like a bull dog.

Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)
Careful clean shots offer perfect control at any racquet speed...And the string modulates pace if hit on center perfectly as well. But it also provided some of the wildest mishits I have ever launched off my racquet face. Spectacular off center stuff sometimes creating angles and pace the like of which I have never seen. Many apologize to my playing partners. Or sometimes flying into the next county - FORE!. Poly just doesn’t seem to care as much if I am being pushed out of sorts. This string punishes if you are not careful in those conditions. Not a bad thing necessarily. Almost like it is talking to me – teaching me. “Calm down buddy. Play a sensible shot here. You are no position to hit an 80 mph cross on the run shot you dumbass.” Indeed.

Compare to the string you use most often
Another area where I was really stoked about this string at first. It has a very interesting poly vibe to it. It is just so elastic and the dwell time is so substantial, the spin so heavy that it really is a great alternative to my poly / syn guts hybrids. It just freaking broke four across way too quickly for my purposes.

Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?)
At first I felt like the string bed was too lively, maybe because of the thinner gauge. I really don’t like 17 gauge mains in this racquet because it is pretty powerful for a player’s racquet.

List any final thoughts
I will give this a shot as a cross with a very dead poly like 4G which I haven’t tried in this frame yet. That might be a really great combo. As a full bed just too damn unpredictable and did not last as I need a string to last. Might be easier to string as a cross than as a full bed as well.

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