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Default Your Contact Point for Topspin Groundstrokes

Where is your initial contact point when you hit your topspin forehand groundstrokes?

This video on Caroline Wozniacki shows 3 contact point:

1. sweetspot ( middle of the racquet )
2. above the center mains of the strings
3. below the center mains of the strings

There's all different type of opinions regarding where a player should hit but a popular theory is that if the contact point is at the sweetspot or below it, there's less room to brush and therefore, a likelihood that you could end up framing the ball.

Then there's famed guru, Oscar Wegner, who says that most pros actually hits the ball well below the center of the racquet:

So where do you folks make initial contact for your topspin strokes?

( this is probably the spot of the racquet that you'll likely end up breaking the strings at too ).

Just trying to get an idea where majority of the people make contact for their topspin here.
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