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Originally Posted by 10s talk View Post
any marketing advice for an independent teaching pro ?

Thank You
Depends on your goal as a teaching professional.

If you are working towards building your clientele, talk to area high school coaches and offer discount lessons, group lessons, and post season lessons for kids who want to 'move up' on their team ladder.

If you are looking to teach at a club, learn how to build your program, attract players, and sustain such a program. (I've outlined this in my book, "Coaching Mastery"...I know, shameless plug!)

Questions I have would include: do you have a teaching court to use at your will? If not, you will have trouble establishing yourself as a legitimate pro...since you will most likely get kicked off public and school courts.

Offer yourself to be a volunteer assistant for a High School tennis team. (You will need to probably pass the background check in today's world!) However, if you do, you will be able to "prove yourself" to players and then have references of those you have helped.

If you are any good, you should be able to develop a number of players within six months to a year, which will then give you a good reputation. If you suck as a pro, you won't last long anywhere you go.
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