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Originally Posted by WildVolley View Post
The frame!

Actually, I'd guess most people don't know as this isn't the sort of thing you can easily see. I need high speed video to see, unless I notice strong twisting in my hand.
But typically, it's usually where the string breaks (unless you're mixing in flat shots) as an indicator where you usually hit the ball.

Also, a player can be conscience as to where they're aiming the racquet face at when they're about to make contact.

I tend to hit more above the center mains ( as shown in the 2nd stroke of the Wozniacki clip ) but the frame does open up and the ball tends to go loopy afterward. Aiming it above the sweetspot gives me a higher margin for error so even if I miss that part of the racquet, the sweetspot will still get the ball. I've never framed the ball this way.

I am curious however how players hit well below the center yet doesn't frame it, because the margin for error is so low.
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