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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
Sounds like a good plan. I heard of someone in a similar situation who just wanted to be a tennis teaching pro and did not want to pursue hard core academics, and I believe the path was Tyler Junior College in Tyler, Texas, which has some sort of associate's degree in tennis management, followed by the University of Texas at Tyler, which I believe had a B.A. in the same field, although I cannot find it now online. Kinesiology: Athletic Training is the closest I see, and that is not what I remembered. UT-Tyler has a Division II tennis team.

Ferris State University in Michigan has a B.A. in Professional Tennis Management and a Division II tennis team. Methodist College in North Carolina has a similar program and a Division III tennis team (no athletic scholarships).

EDIT: UT-Tyler is D-III, not D-II.
Tennis Management is an actual degree? What's the difference between Physical Education and Training as a tennis coach?

I plan to be an aspiring coach. Please e-mail me for more details.
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