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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
Yep, nice donation from alumni. It might be good, if there are enough courts and available time for the regular students to play on. It may actually be reducing the number of available courts on campus. (There used to be 19 including the tennis stadium)

Rice is historically one of the top 5 or so tennis programs in the U.S., so it is a shame what has happened to the men's team lately. I hope it will be a catalyst for better teams.
It's been a while though since they've had any sort of national impact.

It doesn't help that there conference situation isn't great. But, this commitment to tennis might push them back to a higher level. Great school in a big city, year-round warm (or hot) weather. Seems like they could be Top 20 at least.

Also, seems like this could be a possible NCAA site.
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