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Originally Posted by Pbarrow View Post
Thanks Smasher, good idea on the racquettune, I'll tr that and see if I can get some data that will shed light. Modern strokes.
That's so strange. Perhaps Big Kahuna can assist here since he has the same setup as you!

The only reason I can think of right now is such a remote possibility it's barely worth mentioning: improperly tied knots.

I feel ridiculous even typing it!

Even if your crosses are losing some tension, that should in theory be allowing your mains to deflect and snap back even more. And in any event, slightly changing the angle of your racket face to increase spin should more than compensate for it. But if things were that easy to fix, you probably would have done it subconsciously by now!

It's possible that you're just really sensitive to tensions, in which case restringing your crosses might remedy it (note: even though there are a lot of folks on these boards who've done this, it's still something that could potentially damage/break your racket -- so make sure you've got a 6-pt mount and make an informed decision).

Otherwise, I'd suggest taking racquettune readings both of the stringjob you feel has had it as well your newest one, and then take readings after every time you hit. That'll at least give you objective evidence about any tension loss.
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