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Originally Posted by PhilStar! View Post
But typically, it's usually where the string breaks (unless you're mixing in flat shots) as an indicator where you usually hit the ball.

Also, a player can be conscience as to where they're aiming the racquet face at when they're about to make contact.
Usually, my string breaks high center of the racket head, which is where I hit most balls.

However, I don't think that tells us much of what you want to know. The original video shows hits high or low around the axis running through the handle and up the head. Since I don't always hold the racket with the same face forward, the shots are going to be distributed around that center line, even if I'm consistently hitting in the stringbed closer to the ground or above that line toward the sky.

If you're hitting high in the stringbed (while the face is horizontal) isn't the racket trying to torque open on most shots? That would get annoying quickly.
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