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Originally Posted by 10isfreak View Post
The vast majority of my strokes end closer to the bottom edge, not in the dead center of the racket. It's not really something I think about, it's more something that simply happens. The stringers I talked to also noticed it. The near-edges are filled with fuzz and worn out when advanced players bring their racket.

I am sure if you watch a pro hitting many balls in super slow-motion, you'll pick it up: unless he hits flat, he'll almost always make a low contact.

With that said, you shouldn't be thinking about this. If anything, it will become an habit by trial and error, through practice and time. There are other details that are more important, I would say.
Bottom edge is natural with closed face top spin. It just happens naturally. So I would think.

But we had discussed this before in great detail. Hundreds of videos were studied, and the impact point was all over, not necessarily below. But the issue was never resolved because 1. There was a requirement that only TS balls should be counted (slices are supposedly hit on the upper side - that was the claim), and flat shots also were supposed to be discounted. Who gets to judge that decisively from a few seconds of video? 2. The results were challenged on the basis that the intention of the pro was to hit lower but he couldn't (on the clips which did not support the hypothesis). Who can decide that? 3. It was also claimed by the opposers that shots which were impacted below actually might have slid down because of deformation and gravity, and the impact was higher.

Just to tell you that this is an old topic beaten to death without conclusion.
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