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Thanks for all your great info CF, and the time you take to help people like me

The takeaways from that video for me are:
1. Stance and 95% of serve action is the same
2. Move your weight/momentum towards the target; straight ahead for down the tee, towards the corner for out wide (deuce court serve)
3. Racquet face at contact pointing towards the target; straight ahead for down the tee, more to the left for out wide (deuce court serve).

Now, 1 & 2 I can do. 3 on the other hand, I think is too difficult (for me at least) to consciously do. There's just no way I can adjust my pronation timing to be a millisecond or two later or earlier to get the desired angle. I'm hoping this is a byproduct of no. 2.

I can see clearly from the video though, what "Followthru in the direction you want the ball to go" means/looks like. Thanks for the link!
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