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Originally Posted by SmoothOperator View Post
Looking for recommendations for this dense (18x20) pattern racquet. I currently have one set up with Technifiber X-1 Biphase @ 50 lbs. Next time I would probably string at a little higher, like 52. Has anyone found a good combination? I'm open to Poly, Syn Gut, Multi full beds or hybrids. I'm a high 3.5 or low 4.0. I hit fairly hard and flat off both wings and I'm always looking for an opportunity to come to the net to finish the point.
I recently strung up two of these (18x20) with Head FXP Tour at the upper end of the tension range. The client loves the set-up. I hit with one of them and found it to be extremely comfortable and well balanced in the control/power department.

As an aside, it also played much better for me than his previous Speedflex 18x20 315's with the identical string set-up. Going by memory, since I did not have them side by side, the new racquet seems even a little more dense in the middle of the string bed than the 315 (despite the same 18x20 pattern and 100 square inch size), yet is somehow noticeably more forgiving on less than perfect hits. Really impressive racquet.

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