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Originally Posted by bkpr View Post
Thanks for all your great info CF, and the time you take to help people like me

The takeaways from that video for me are:
1. Stance and 95% of serve action is the same
2. Move your weight/momentum towards the target; straight ahead for down the tee, towards the corner for out wide (deuce court serve)
3. Racquet face at contact pointing towards the target; straight ahead for down the tee, more to the left for out wide (deuce court serve).

Now, 1 & 2 I can do. 3 on the other hand, I think is too difficult (for me at least) to consciously do. There's just no way I can adjust my pronation timing to be a millisecond or two later or earlier to get the desired angle. I'm hoping this is a byproduct of no. 2.

I can see clearly from the video though, what "Followthru in the direction you want the ball to go" means/looks like. Thanks for the link!
I am also having a similar problem with the serve -- all my flat serves are going down the T from the Deuce court and wide in the Ad.

I am trying the following approach:

The important point to keep in mind is that there is only a few degrees of racquet head tilt difference between wide serves and down the T serves.

Given the above, I would NOT change the toss and NOT change the stance.

Focus on the feel of hitting the ball on the right side and on the left side.

If you hit the right side of the ball on a flat serve, it will go wide on the deuce court.If you hit the left side of the ball on a flat serve, it will go down the T on the deuce court.

I think CharlieFederer's post regarding the cartwheel, etc, is useful in general for generating power but we must also address the root cause of the issue
i.e., getting a feel for the racquet head angle at contact.

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