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Originally Posted by barry View Post
My only complaint about the 3800 was we had to move it to another facility. sucker was heavy! The rotational gripper was interesting, little different than the Gamma 5800.

I tell all my customers they should try the 99s and bring it in for me to string! Crank one out it 15 minutes, love the open pattern!
Yes, it is very heavy.

You should tell your customers to try the 105S.. They are even easier to string. There is even a little more room between the mains.

I've been demoing the 99S and 105S and I actually like the 105S a little better so I decided to go with it (even though enough friends make fun of my big racquet). What I hate is I can't keep strings in these racquets. I have been stringing 1 with Ashaway Crossfire 18 while using Tourbite 17 Soft in the others. I have not been able to get a full singles match out of a string bed. I will be going to sectionals in a few months and have resigned myself to having to show up with 6 freshly strung racquets and extra string.

Also, the 3800 is not the type of machine designed to take with you. It is way to heavy.
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