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Good to hear that you're feeling better. And in the end, that's all that really matters, feeling better.
My wife just went in for what the MRI showed was a modest meniscus tear, unfortunately the operating Doc found lateral articular cartilage damage on the femur and tibia. I just scheduled her for a stem cell/PRP treatment in about 10 days (with my Stem cell Doc), should help with the healing and give here the best chance for a decent result on the articular damage. Next step after 2 months or so will likely be an unloading brace for when she begins to play again. Cost on prodedure has now dropped to $1150 (from $1750) from the only Doc who does it locally.

Her operating Doc suggested (for later discussion) one of the "Synvisc" type treatments but I have researched that and frankly don't think they are worth it.

Given the positive results I have had so far with the Stem cel/PRP we will go that route. Bottom line is it can't hurt and possible very good upside.

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