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Frank Silbermann
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If you receive a weak ball only moderately placed to your backhand side, hitting a strong backhand cross-court instead of an inside-out forehand is fine IF you ALSO have the option of blasting a backhand down-the-line winner.

Otherwise, the opponent can simply prepare for that strong cross-court backhand. If you run around it to hit your forehand, then your opponent doesn't know _which_ corner you're going to hit to. Even if you _usually_ go inside out, you still have the option of blasting it into his forehand corner if he prepares for the backhand too early.

Being ambidextrous, at my low level of play I can hit with whichever side I please because my strokes are quite evenly balanced, and I am able to go inside out, down-the-line or cross-court equally well (or equally poorly) off either wing.
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