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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
This is why I advocate Federer going back to his PS 6.0 85.
I see no reason why he can't , he started off his career w/PS.85. So, switching back to a 85 won't be that big of a deal ( a loco move maybe but possible for Roger) from the head-size perspective & we all know He liked'em leaded - how much leaded depends on the competetion - I feel it's time for swing'n'kill.

We really don't wanna see him pushed up against the backhand & lose 25+ shot rallies & realistically Roger has always played better when he kept the points short - much like Sampras. I dare say 85-maybe too much retro , but he can easily try the KProStaff88 ( which is more like a true-91) - I think he'll do much better than this board-like PS-BLX( which is actually a 93).

That's what I tried to suggest & got all this BS.
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