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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Oh goodness, now you're all worked up over the internet. Oh well, you and BP can enjoy each other's company.
Ohh, very witty come back for a tennis-illeterate who claimed to know about "physics" & "physiology" - what happened buddy ?

I still see no contradictions or argument made by you to any of the points I highlighted - not even a come back. That's called proper *****-whoopin for you. Next time instead of typing a long-pointless-jibberish, try to type something worthwhile my read, would you ?

I suggested something I felt would help Fed, I backed-up my views, You on the other hand turned out to be a troll w/pointless jibberish. ohh, over the internet.

I do enjoy reading intelligent posts over here (excludes you) & occasionally posting, why are you here ? Surely not to post about "physics" & "phisiology" - because they escape you completely , hence the suggestion to go back to school might actually improve you. Enjoy buddy.

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