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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
NatF, Even former players can err. And Bobby Riggs said that Rosewall was the best of all time. But of course also he can err.

As earlier told, Rosewall was stronger than Pancho on clay and about even on grass...

And don't ignore Rosewall's ranking where Hoad and Gonzalez are stronger than Laver and tzhese three stronger than Federer. It's the testimony of a former great...
Laver rates Federer higher than Rosewall and equal to Hoad

I don't ignore Rosewall's ranking, although since Rosewall made his statement Federer has achieved even more. The difference is that Rosewall never played Federer, where as Laver has played all Hoad/Gonzalez and Rosewall. Laver is in a better position to judge. I take Rosewall's statements seriously, I think Hoad's peak level was perhaps the best of all 4. Gonzalez likely just behind.

I also think Hoad and Gonzalez would transfer best to the modern game. Gonzalez likely be similar to Sampras in today's era.
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