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Originally Posted by Readers View Post
Wait, you are so used to Head's wrong way of measuring head size that you are having problem with Wilson doing it correctly???!???!? confused:
Right or Wrong is not my place to say - it depends on the company, I'm saying Fed MAY benefit from a smalller-headsize than his current Wilson 90-sq-inch ( however you measure it ) - I suggested that he may consider a more 89.5 or 88-sq-inch size ( LIKE A PRESTIGE ) - I have many versions of PS.85 , KPS88 & PS BLX 90 & a "FEW" versions of Prestige-Mid, now though it says 93-sq-inch or 600cm on Head-Prestige-Mid , if you have compared it w/a PS85 headsize you'd realize it's almost the same ( maybe a little bit bigger - so if Wilson measured it , my guess they will put a number like say : 86.5/87 on it - Roger , specially on clay - may tremendously benefit from a frame of that size , look at soderling - twice Finalist - the only one to beat Rafa on roland garros - because he went for shots , most of the points in that match he pulled the trigger first & early on in the rally, his ball was quicker through the air( because of his heavier/smaller racquet) & his depth was what beat Rafa at the end , if Roger picked up something like that & went for broke - he will be even more effective than Soderling. Instead of going to a 95, Roger's style of play may well be suited to a more aggressive & deadlier frame. Risky, but effective. Just My view though.
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