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Originally Posted by doctor dennis View Post
Got a Blade 98 (16*19) and IG Prestige Pro being delivered for demo early next week.
They are going to have to be pretty good to dislodge the 99s though.
I just did a count and I've broke the strings 15 times since 18/01!
I know others have probably gone through more but that is not good.
As its summer now I'll be playing even more so I'd be going through even more.
Not sure I can deal with that but I won't change if there is nothing worthy to change to.
Everyone makes such a big deal about breaking strings.

It's part of the game . The pros break only use one set if strings per match if not more and then change them.

How often you break strings should not be an issue. It's about playing well .

However a 15 gauge string should solve the problem
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