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Originally Posted by doctor dennis View Post
Pros don't pay for strings or stringing.
Actually, they do pay.

Many do get strings for free and/or discounted, but the vast majority pay for their strings. And, they definitely pay for stringing. Upwards of over $30 per string job.

That said, I do understand that this racquet does come with a hefty price if you are use to using strings that last a few months in your frame before breaking.

Originally Posted by syke View Post
It's not just strings breaking. The tension loss on these is just way too fast.
Polys become spaghetti like after an hour or so...
Tension loss on the 99s or 105s is no different than other frames. Poly loses tension super fast in any frame. Difference is, one could actually feel that drop in tension easier in these frames if you are not use to changing strings frequently.
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