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Originally Posted by SmoothOperator View Post
Looking for recommendations for this dense (18x20) pattern racquet. I currently have one set up with Technifiber X-1 Biphase @ 50 lbs. Next time I would probably string at a little higher, like 52. Has anyone found a good combination? I'm open to Poly, Syn Gut, Multi full beds or hybrids. I'm a high 3.5 or low 4.0. I hit fairly hard and flat off both wings and I'm always looking for an opportunity to come to the net to finish the point.
My level is a bit different than yours but ill give you my experience so far.

1. Go lower by 5-7lbs than you usually do. The lighter tension wakes up the spin potential of the frame due to the denser pattern. That's been my finding over about 30 setups so far of all types

2. If you like gut/poly your really gonna like it on this frame. Wowwww

3. Haven't tried other hybrids other than gut/poly

Some setups:

Tier-one tour status at 51, good spin but a bit too much power for me but I could play with it.

Tier-one durafluxx at 52, excellent for me all around, low power but not dead, awesome pocketing, great spin. My current go to setup

VS team/signum PPP. 60/57. I went too high took a couple of sessions to get to where I wanted.

Genesis twisted razor 51, awesome setup all around but I prefer a bit less power

If I can ask why did you chose this racquet and string pattern ?? I don't mean this condescending and with allmdue respect but if you are a 3.5 - 4.0 then If your strokes resemble that level you may be making things harder on yourself with this dense pattern and swing weight ?
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