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Ok, I finally got to hit with my racquet strung with this Indian gut I got from the bay. And...I think its great!

Very comfortable like a mutli, feels very crisp, has lots of power, and has lot's of spin. I think it's has the characteristics of the ideal string for me. I hate the stiff/harsh feel of polys and the mushy feel of some multis. This string is not like that at all. This string is producing much more spin for me than my previous string (Premier Attack).

Although my racquet is quite a rocket launcher right now with this string strung at 50 lbs, I'll try to keep playing with it to tame its power. Maybe I'll try to string it a bit higher next time, but I'm cautious of going over the <55 lb limit.

Well, this is not good, I was afraid I would like this string. This experiment will end up being costly to me, now I'm tempted to try the good stuff like Babolat VS. If I like this cheap gut, I can only imagine how good the "legit" stuff is. Maybe one day I will splurge and try a full bed of VS...
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