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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
He may replace Bale at Spurs this summer.
Well, of course, I wouldn't want Bale to be sold, full stop. McManaman though really impressed me in how he gave the the City defence such a hard time, as well as in a few previous games this season. If there was any substance to a Spurs interest in him, I'd certainly welcome it big time.

I've been out for the last three days: is that about.

Nice to see the giant can still be slayed. Hopefully, they'll be partying and too tired to do anything against us midweek.
You've been out... out of the country?... out cold?... out on the p***?... out of the closet LOL!?... what do you mean H?

Looking forward to a newly galvanised Wigan giving every thing they've got against you reds... though of course that will be irrelevant for us if can't dispatch that great rugby playing side, Stoke, first.
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