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Default taking it early, chip and charge on all returns of serve.

does anyone do this and what are some good tips. I'd like to try it for singles and doubles. Ideally I'd like to take it about 4-5 feet inside the baseline so I can hit my first volley a step inside the service line.

I go over the return on both sides and rush the net but a slice would give me more consistency and the slower ball would let me advance closer to the net. When I've tried slicing it both sides it floats way to much and lacks firmness especially if the serve has a big bounce. It's much easier if I take it behind the baseline but the problem is two fold

1) it's so easy to poach that ball (where as an on the rise slice isn't as poachable)

2) my first volley will be behind the service line.

I'm trying to learn a half volley slice return approach.

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