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Originally Posted by DeepSouth View Post
You may not like Earnshaw,but he is a winner and gets the job done. Another national title for his women's program and national runner's up for the men yesterday. He deserves his chance at a major DI program to see what he can do it. The quotes on here about him and his teams being arrogant are based on jealousy. A top level American tennis player isn't going to play DII tennis, so quit with the he doesn't recruit American players argument. He is paid to win matches, not recruit average American high school players.
He certainly does a great job as a winning coach at AA. My only question is, why if it's true, has he not been offered a DI job or if he was offered one turned it down? I've never seen him coach or his team play so I have no opinion on his demeanor or his teams. Obviously they win and if I was a DI AD looking for a tennis coach would have him high on my short list to interview. "Is paid to win matches"? At DII unlike for example an SEC tennis coaching job is very debatable without knowing the AA AD and the terms of his employment as a tennis coach at AA.

On another note, why do they not get more regular season matches against DI teams? I can see why the top ranked teams would avoid them, but why don't they play good DI teams that are unranked?

Congrats to AA on another successful year for their men and women's tennis programs.
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