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I upgraded from a Klippermate to a Flex 940. I strung about 500 sticks on that machine before I found a great buy on a Gamma 6004. There is no comparison between these machines; the Gamma is superior in every category and I wish I'd gone straight from the Klippermate to the Gamma.

My problems with the Flex 940 were a wobbly table that needed adjusting after every frame. I even tried Locktite to no avail. The cone lock bases leave a lot to be desired, and the "adjustments" underneath the bases never really held for more than a few racquets; also, the Flex 940 doesn't adjust as high as the Gamma, which is important for me because I am tall.

The times I've talked with Victor or corresponded via email, I've had no problems.

I think Eagnas is fine for the price, but I'd find a way to stretch your budget a little and make the jump to a better product. Resale value alone will be worth it.
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