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Originally Posted by tennis_balla View Post
Could you do another video of your forehand, but this time set the camera higher? Its an awkward angle to try and comment on.
What I got from that video is you're not hitting your forehand from the ground up enough. I'll let Nick B explain:

Your backhand is different from this, but its difficult to comment on 1 video alone. If you watch the first slow motion part of your video, to me it looks like you sorta push your body forward with your legs on your forehand, the very first slow motion forehand shows it well. There isn't much happening there with the legs, you're a lot more dynamic on your backhand. Forehand seems like this soft lift, a push, almost like you're being careful. On the backhand you load up much better. You gotta drive your legs into he ball. That doesn't mean you gotta be aggressive, but the power should be coming from the ground up, loading from your legs.

Also, what you could work on is opening up your hips earlier to generate better racket head speed. If you watch Rafa in this video, notice how he loads, drives up and before contact his hips will open up allowing him to generate more racket head speed naturally. Your arm will feel like it just shoots through the contact effortlessly if done right. Its a subtle movement with the hips, but big gains.
Thanks, watching it back, it all makes sense. This is the type of feedback I was looking for. I appreciate it!
Originally Posted by tommyfr View Post
Your rhythm seems a bit rushed, esp the forehand.

And i miss more rotation in your forehand, so that your left shoulder face the back fence at the finish, rather than the sidefence. this way you would use the big muscles more and less of arming the ball.

I think this will improve your rhythm and consistency.
I think I try too hard sometimes and it can appear as rushed.
Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
Just ignore them, either temporarily or permanently in your ignore list.
Originally Posted by wings56 View Post
in defense of the OP, was he supposed to say - hey guys, im actually kinda good at tennis... but i'm looking to improve on some things...

then he gets... oh your forehand is this...backhand that...footwork aren't really THAT good....

I agree that it takes guts to post ANY video of yourself on these forums.
Thanks for the support guys.
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