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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Barring a catastrophe Djokovic will end the year #1. That was already evident a month or two ago. Year end #2 will probably come down to Murray and Nadal. Will be interesting to see if Federer can even end the year at #4 or if he will be lower than that. Also will be interesting to see if Ferrer drops out of the top 5.
How so? Djokovic is only 130 points ahead of Nadal in the race with more than half the season to go. It is very plausible that Nadal will win Rome and the French Open, in which case he will be well ahead of Djokovic in the race midway through. Nadal has a better history at Wimbledon than Djokovic does; it would not be bizarre if he did better this year. The US hardcourt swing and year-end indoor events are typically more Djokovic's forte than Nadal's, but we would only need a slight dip in results from Djokovic or slight improvement (over the usual) from Nadal in order for him to end the year ahead of Djokovic in this scenario. There doesn't need to be any "catastrophe."
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