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Originally Posted by J011yroger View Post
Cool, so if you had time enough to practice and compete, I kind of imagine you would want to play a Todd Martin style of game?

If I had unlimited time to practice, I'd probably favor a Rafter/Edberg approach on service games. Being only 5'11", the flat serve to the corner was never was my favorite. I prefer the heavy spinner that's hard enough to overpower. I loved the way Rafter destroyed Chang at the 97 US Open with only a slice forehand.

On return games, I'd probably still favor an Andy Murray style (mixing up the spins and rely on athleticism).

But yes, there have been times when I've also identified with players like Fish, Martin, & Wheaton just because their strengths were similar to my strengths in the past. Well, maybe not Martin - that guy looks stiff.
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