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Originally Posted by Arafel View Post
Not very many actually. She usually only played 1-2 tournaments a year on Har Tru. The ones she one on that surface were Family Circle, Amelia Island, US Clay Court Championships (75, 79-80), and US Open (75-77). For instance, in addition to her seven French Opens (plus one other final, a loss in 84), Evert has five Italian Opens, plus the German Open (85), the Swiss Open (81, 82,), Houston, South Africa, and several others. Chris, also won the French Open doubles twice (74, 75).

Also, I've played on both Har Tru and red clay. They don't play as differently as some people on this board would have you believe.
Wow she won everything in sight on green clay. Virginia slims Masters, Sarasota, Tulsa, North Carolina, S&H Greenstamps, Miami, St. Columbus, St .Petersburg. She was crushing the US clay tour before she ever saw Rome or Paris. Excepting Nancy Richey, no one could touch her. It was only when she began to divide her time between Europe and the states that she began to moderate her lust for green clay trophys.

Later on in later eighties, as she grew to need respite breaks to avoid burnout, of course she'd reduce entries...some more, but honestly she was more dominant here in the states than in Europe. Green clay was closer, and virtually all of the tour south of the the Mason Dixon was littered with Har-Tru. It was the easy-to- reach fruit on the tree and totally without risk from a points standpoint. If you divided her clay trophies between red and Har- Tru it would be no contest.

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