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Originally Posted by robow7 View Post
Mustard, in general, how would you compare Muster's clay titles as in quality of tourneys vs. those of Vilas and Nadal ? I realize that this is especially difficult to compare the Vilas era and the current one but just curious as to your thoughts. Thanks
Nadal's clay titles are of superior status overall, considering just how many years that Nadal has dominated on clay at the biggest tournaments. Muster was dominant on clay in 1995 and 1996, whilst before 1995 he was a very good clay-courter who would win a lot of smaller clay-court tournaments and the occasional big one. Vilas was utterly dominant in the second half of 1977, where he played an insane amount in a short period. Borg was a superior clay-court player to Vilas career-wise, but Vilas played far more matches, hence a superior number of overall clay-court titles.
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