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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post

Pink Floyd;s The Story of Wish you Were Here.

Interviews with the band members, background to the tracks, stuff about Syd Barrett and his decline, album art/covers, how tough it was for them after Dark Side, interviews with Gerald Scarfe (i think he did the The Wall album art), the guy burning in the WYWH cover was actually burning, the other pic of the leg coming out of a lake was actually a guy doing a Yoga pose under water holding his breath.

Both enjoyable and sad for someone who grew up on this. Loved the part of the two American ladies who sang in SOYCD.
Watching it now.

God bless Rogi and Dave.

Please let them live until age 100.

I will be devastated when those guys pass. I just cannot imagine the weeping and wailing when Rogi gets called up to the great gig in the sky.
This is a song about a car.
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