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Originally Posted by gavna View Post
Well for people selling them they lose online, sell them and ship off.
It's the BUYER who gets screwed - proof is yourself - seller got his money but now u have tickets that you cannot change and the FFT will not do anything to
Help as you bought them outside the approved channels.

VIAGOGO also sells the tickets at face value - there is a small service fee but no
giant markup.

Resale sites don't care - they got the sale and your money! All you can do MAYBE is dispute the charge - return the tickets somehow - ctc seat wave???? I'm sure they won't do anything but can't hurt to try - sure they have all sales ar final clause -
Can the websites maybe contact original ticket owner and ask them to change the name on the tickets?? I know it might be a privacy issue but, compared to having worthless tickets, it might be worth a shot.

Will you at least have access to the grounds with those tickets??

Lastly, is it free to watch the qualies or do they charge for that??
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