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Originally Posted by Murray_fan1 View Post
Hey maddog,

Just wondering how your Tier one experiment is going. Just grabbed a couple sets to try out but wondering how you have made out with it. Your posts about Iontec was what made me try it out and it is still one of my favorite strings, so you insight would be greatly appreciated.
Cool. Iontec remains one of my faves too.

how's this? i liked both strings A LOT. so much that i bought a reel of each so i recommend them!

1 reel of Durafluxx 17 and 1 reel of 1 reel of FireWire 17.

i have currently have my 2009 Storm GT strung w/ a full bed of Durafluxx 17. it feels like a cross between TB and TBS. it's more comfy (less wiry and less crunchy in feel) than regular TB and more crisp than TBS. great control and great spin. for me control and comfort are most important.

FireWire...i really like it hybrided w/ PolyStar Energy crosses @ +2# higher than the mains. helps to retain the spin characteristics and tone down the liveliness while maintaining a nice crisp feel. another plus as others mentioned about FireWire is the durability. because it's a 3 sided string, it's a flat side laying against the crosses so it slides very easily and resists notching. i ended up cutting out the strings at around 15 hrs because the Energy crosses lost too much tension so i'm thinking FireWire might be great w/ SilverString crosses since SS holds tension pretty well.

I did also try Tour Status which felt and played alot like Head Sonic Pro Edge. Played wonderfully for the first 5 hrs and similar to Sonic Pro Edge it lost too much tension after that.

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