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There is a huge difference between a major DI program and the #1 DII program. There isn't a major DI program that is going to take a chance on a guy who hasn't proven he can coach at the next level. There probably isn't a top 50 program that is going to take that chance. If he seriously wants to coach D1 he will have to start as an assistant at a mid level team and go that route or take a a low level D1 team and turn them around.

There is no way that you can tell me that some DI school hasn't offered him a spot someplace. It might not be his "dream" coaching job but that is a different issue.

Mercer University is looking for a new mens head coach.
Win the Atlatic Sun and go from there. If he starts beating teams in the SEC and the ACC he will get noticed real fast.

Oklahoma State is looking for an assistant mens coach.

Who do you think a major program is going to take first a #1 DII coach or guys like Stokke, Asse, Pedroso, Glenn, Kronauge, Woodruff, etc. who have sat back for years waiting for their chance to coach at a major program? These guys either played on a top 5 program, were assistant coaches at a top 5 program, or were on the pro tour.
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