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Originally Posted by Murray_fan1 View Post
Great thanks!

TB is another one of my favorite strings. The description on Durafluxx is that this string is extremely low powered which is not how I would describe TB. Did you have to lower your reference tension in order to retain the explosiveness that TB has?
Hi Murray_fan1, sometimes string characteristics are difficult to define and different players will have different experiences with the same string. We believe that Durafluxx is a great fit for players with high racket speeds in particular since the string will allow the player to maintain control with very aggressive groundstrokes + being able to generate a great amount of spin. We believe that the "low powered" feel of the string is partly due to is softer feeling during impact.

As we mentioned at another TW thread, we also believe TB is a great string for higher level players in particular, exactly for the same reason: great control + high spin potential (due to its exceptional ability to recoil)
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