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Default SteveI- Ashaway MonoGut ZX Pro Playtest (1.22 mm) Red

Stringing: Very easy to string but had to re-set tension bar multiple times to obtain the correct tension. Coil memory was not an issue and the string was very easy to work with and did not harm my fingers. String was on the softer side and there was lots of stretching observed while the string was being tensioned. String was softer and less stiff than the Tourna Big Hitter Silver 17G. All knots snugged up nice and tight.

Tension used for playtest: 55 mains / 53 crosses (Strung on CP 6-point Alpha) - Two Piece

Regular string set up: Tourna Big Hitter Silver 17G - 52#s mains / Head PPS 16G - Black 50#s crosses

Racquet brand and model used for test: Head YOUTEK IG Instinct MP - 100 sq. in. 16x19 Pattern.

I tested this string for 12 plus hours - outdoors. Serving, drilling and match play both singles and doubles.

Power of test string: I found this string to have medium power over all strokes and conditions played in. It is a bit harder to compare the power output of this string to my normal setup since my normal setup is a hybrid and is more lively by my design. The power output was not the most consistent throughout the testing. I was not happy with this issue.

Feel: In general, the string had nice feel and touch and was better than my normal set-up or the other test frame used that was strung in a full bed with Wilson Syn Gut Extreme 16G. Feel is a strong point of this string. Sort of like a somewhat dead natty gut.

Spin: Spin is very average with this string over all strokes and in all conditions. Spin production was about 20 % less than my regular setup and consistent with the Wilson Syn Gut Extreme 16G test frame. Spin players would not be in love with this offering, but great for a flat hitter.

Comfort: Comfort was very good. While the string seemed to play soft and pocket well, it also felt a bit on the firm side. No negative impact to my arm or shoulder in any way shape or form.

Durability: After 12 plus hours of play testing, the string is moving all over the place and the power has increased in my case. I would rate the durability as average at best. I need to cut this string out as I am having problems controlling the ball.

Playability Duration: The playability over time was average and the change was NOT linear and slight. The string did become a somewhat of rocket launcher at the 12 hour mark. Power output (too high) is not acceptable at this point.

Control: Overall not happy with control over all strokes. Not really sure where the ball was going at times. I am used to a poly hybrid. The string did not produce a high level of confidence in my play.

Compare to the string you use most often (Tourna Big Hitter Silver 17G - 52#s mains / Head PPS 16G - Black 50#s crosses): My hybrid setup produces more consistent power output, better overall feel and comfort. Not moving to this string to be sure.

Tension recommendations: Don't think I can go tighter or less tension. I think I had the tension correct. The string, my frame and game just did not connect.

Final thoughts: Not sure where Ashaway is going with this string.. just did not work for me. Maybe a different type of player would enjoy this string. Just not my cup of tea. I wish I could be more precise about overall experience. I could not get excited about any aspect of this offering. Not as good as a poly..or natty gut.. or even a good syn gut like Gosen OG 17. It just missed the boat. Can't be everything to everyone.. this one was really not a winner over any string and the cost is not low.

Thanks TW and Ashaway..

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