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Originally Posted by aer0pr0 View Post
at their best who would win?

Hello everyone ive just registered..

i dont want to take credit to the great legends bjorn borg, or lendl and even edberg and becker are.. because the thruth is they were amazing..

But come on, any top20 from todays power game would simply demolish borg, and win easily to a lot of old "legends" i see around here.
The game has changed, its impossible to say whos better, because thats not even a question. Those guys were great at their time, the best at the game in that era and thanks to them the game developed.. But they would stand no chance against todays tour players. Its a total different game.
aer0pr0, The game has become faster mostly by the modern racquet technology. Borg with a current racquet would have a good chance to cope with a Nadal or Federer.

The game has also regressed in a way: the current top players cannot volley anymore like the older players could...
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