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Originally Posted by Rob1 View Post
Parasailing and Chobakta have correct findings on this racquet.
Because it a dense string pattern then you have to go a low tension.
Something it the range of 51-55 depending on the string.
Please do not use a full bed of poly as this racquet doesn't play well with

I think the FXP Tour blend as the person recommended is a sure thing.
They string the demos with this string.
If you like to hit flat and with power, the best is ALU Power on the
mains and Gut on the crosses then.

This racquet is for advance players of 4.5 and above.
It takes time getting use to, but it is fantastic.
I agree with your statements but to say that do not do FULL POLY EVER is a bit of a reach, there are very goof performing full poly jobs for this stick.
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