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I am a Denver alumn who has stayed in touch with the program over the last couple of years. Fortunately I live in Jacksonville so I was able to come watch the Denver-Florida match and I thought I'd give my two cents.

First, its important to note that Denver struggled big time with injuries this year having 4 of their starters, including Bonin out at one point and were not even able to field a full lineup several times during a 9 match losing streak (including some poor teams). Take my word for it, this team should never be unranked healthy and probably should be 35-40. They beat LSU and Texas in hidden duals in January (not the same but still) and missed out on opportunities for good wins during that losing streak. Nine straight losses with several unranked teams will kill your rpi when you are in the WAC.

They got 5 of 6 completely healthy for the postseason. Not being ranked I think helped them by having Florida come out flat and uninspired in the first sets of singles, while kudos to Coach Westerman for the sense of life-and-death urgency the team had. Not trying to be biased but it just honestly looked like DU wanted it more from the get-go and it paid off, they earned it.

Just thought I'd share my thoughts. Its a bad loss for Florida still, no doubt, but Denver is no "joke" unranked program. They were top-25 two years ago.

Losing Van Overbeek is tough, but there are some solid recruits coming in next year.
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